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As a DfE fully accredited provider, we recruit, train, support, assess and award your QTS. We are with you for the entire journey and have total control over the programme. Why train with an organisation that is unable to award QTS directly and relies on a third party to make the decision? Your training year is important, and we are with you all the way!

Key facts

  • We are fully accredited to award QTS

    At Durham SCITT we are proud of our track record. We always go the extra mile to ensure trainees get the best possible training experience.

  • We have 100% trainee satisfaction*

    From individual bespoke support to a wide range of enhancement opportunities and tailored placements, we always go the extra mile for our trainees.

  • Bespoke training to match individual needs

    From individual bespoke support to a wide range of enhancement opportunities and tailored placements, we always go the extra mile for our trainees.

  • A management team with over 100 years of experience

    From individual bespoke support to a wide range of enhancement opportunities and tailored placements, we always go the extra mile for our trainees.

Our Story

Durham SCITT started training teachers in 2005. Over nearly 20 years, we have never rested on our laurels. We have always been innovative and have adapted to the changing needs of the DfE and, most importantly, the trainees we recruit. Every trainee is different and on their own unique journey; we never lose sight of that. We have trained more than 1000 trainees since 2005 and we are pleased to say that most of them are still working in schools. Some have remained as classroom teachers; some have become Heads of Year or Heads of Departments, and some have become Headteachers. However, all of them still say hello when we go into school! In recent years there have been a lot of changes. From new curriculums, reaccreditation and forming new partnerships, Durham SCITT still has an unwavering commitment to train the best possible teachers for the schools in the North East and beyond. We are hardworking and have high standards, but we support our trainees through their journey to QTS and PGCE. We are passionate about what we do and hope that you will be too.

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If you’re passionate about teaching and want to embark on a rewarding SCITT teaching course, reach out to us today to explore your educational journey!

More reasons to choose Durham SCITT

There are a lot of reasons to choose Durham SCITT. We were reaccredited for the delivery of teacher training leading to QTS by the DfE. Our high-quality curriculum and our relentless focus on preparing trainees for life as a teacher was recognised as excellent practice. We are with you throughout the journey, and we are the ones who award your QTS. There is no middle man or faceless organisation deciding your fate.

Many of our trainees secure employment at their placement school and 96% of trainees get a job by the end of the course. We have a 100% completion rate in a typical year because of the pastoral and wellbeing support we offer. Our PGCE is worth 60 masters credits and is delivered in partnership with Northumbria University. Primary trainees also benefit from our partnership with an English Hub and we work closely with Northern Lights Teaching School Hub to support their ITT provision. We work with over 100 partnership schools to make sure trainees have the best possible start to their journey to become a teacher.

Pass Rate
Employment rate
We have trained nearly 1000 trainees since 2006

Our Trainees feedback

Read some recent feedback from our trainees.

"I would most definitely recommend Durham SCITT… without hesitation!"

Durham SCITT is small enough so that everyone knows who you are, and what’s going on in your life, but big enough to give you all the specialist help and support you need. It gave me so much and I’m so pleased I chose to train at Durham SCITT.

Rachel Stephenson

Secondary Trainee

"My Subject Specialist was absolutely amazing."

I loved my time at Durham SCITT. It was hands on from the start and I knew I’d made the right choice - there was so much support. I’ve now been teaching for two years, and I can honestly say that Durham SCITT was a fantastic foundation for my teaching career! I felt fully prepared for my NQT...

Kayleigh Jobes

Secondary Trainee

"I was looking for a hands on experience where I could immerse myself in school life."

The training by SCITT leads has been exceptional all year! Although nerve-wracking, I enjoyed the micro-teaches and thought they worked well as a stepping stone before placements. The support given by the SCITT staff and the placement schools has been second to none.

Hannah Davison

Primary Trainee

"I’d heard really good things about Durham SCITT"

I’d always wanted to teach. When I was at school, I had some amazing teachers who were passionate about their subject and this got me thinking about teaching as a career. I’d heard good things about Durham SCITT - the opportunity to train to teach PE in a supportive environment where I could share ideas with other… trainees...

Chris Martin

Secondary Trainee

"Seeing children responding to your teaching, planning and resourcing is so rewarding!"

Both of my parents are teachers and I grew up hearing their stories about how much they enjoyed the job. It was following my degree that I first considered teaching. I took up a football coaching position and worked with children on a daily basis.

James Alderson

Primary Trainee

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